Monday Morning Mentor

On-Demand Access to the Monday Morning Mentor weekly 20-minute videos

Monday Morning Mentor delivers a 20-minute online program each week, addressing some of today’s most important academic issues. Each program video is available for on-demand viewing for one full week. A Certificate of Attendance is also available. Please access the materials from our Canvas site:

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Here are the video presentations available this fall:

  • 09/23: How Can I Increase Student Completion Rates in Online Learning?
  • 09/30: How Can I Use Microactivities to Engage Students and Improve Learning Retention?
  • 10/07: How Can I Build Community with My Online Faculty?
  • 10/14: What Culturally Responsive Teaching Techniques Can I Use to Improve Learning?
  • 10/21: How Can I Create Platform for Difficult Conversations in the Online Classroom?
  • 10/28: How Can I Manage the Disconnect Between Faculty and Student Perceptions of Rigor to Increase Learning?
  • 11/04: How Can I Ensure Academic Honesty in My Online Assignments
  • 11/11: What Can Engagement in Games Teach Me About Engagement in My Courses?
  • 11/18: How Can I Create an Effective Syllabus for My Online Class?
  • 11/25: How Do I Design Effective Combinations of Gamified Elements to Encourage Deeper Learning?
  • 12/02: How Does Consistency Improve Quality in Online Courses and Programs?
  • 12/09: How Can I Teach Soft Skills to Better Prepare Students for the Workplace?

Access to the programs in the Monday Morning Mentor series is restricted to members of Western Washington University as the subscribing institution. The series is co-sponsored by the CIIA and Outreach and Continuing Education.