Grant-based Workshops

The Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment generally offers two grant-based workshops each year: the Faculty Development Summer Grant Workshop and the Blended/Online Learning Workshop. These supportive learning opportunities help faculty integrate new pedagogies and technologies into their courses while exploring course design principles. Please note that the Summer Grant program is currently on hold during 2020-21.

Blended/Online Learning Workshop


Two 3-week, blended/online workshops are offered during the winter quarter:

  • Instructional Design for Blended and Online Courses 
  • This workshop will focus on course mapping, objectives, alignment, and assessment in blended and online settings. Participants will plan and develop course materials and activities for online and blended delivery.
  • Project Development for Blended and Online Delivery 
  • This workshop will focus on improving adaptability, connections, and equity in online and blended courses. Participants will have the opportunity to revise course materials and activities to build learning contexts, strengthen relationships among learners, and reduce barriers to access. Participants will be required to submit a mini-project proposal and action plan with their workshop application. This application should focus on student engagement, developing an accessible/inclusive curriculum, and access to course materials through OER/alternative text resources.


With support from the Office of the Provost, representatives from the Center for Instructional Innovation & Assessment (CIIA), Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS), and Outreach & Continuing Education (OCE) provide stipends to each workshop participant.


Faculty Development Summer Grant Workshop


In this workshop during the summer term, faculty redesign their courses using new technologies or transform their core course text with alternative digital textbooks. In the last three years, the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment has offered two different tracks for this workshop--the course transformation track and the curricular materials track. Faculty in the course transformation track will experiment with blended and online learning, do a deep dive into specific Canvas features, think through major assessments and projects in alignment to course goals and objectives. Faculty in the curricular transformation covers key topics such as licensing, modifying OER texts, and publishing OER texts with the goal of producing a new and improved free, alternative textbook for students.

All faculty in either track explore new technologies for large and small classes. Faculty are given the opportunity to work collaboratively and share ideas/questions with each other to enhance course design overall. Faculty then work on the redesign of their course over the summer with access to additional research and development support through the CIIA and ATUS.


Limited funding this year has been channeled toward the above Blended/Online Learning Workshops. We hope to return to this intensive transformational program in the future.