Nomination/Application Details

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The Innovative Teaching Showcase spotlights WWU instructors' best practices in teaching and learning. For more information about the Showcase, see About or the Showcase Index.


Anyone in the campus community may nominate a candidate for the Showcase. Instructors can be nominated by others or they can propose their own innovation for consideration.


Selecting only a few innovative instructors each year is always a difficult task. The CIIA's Faculty Advisory Board makes the decision based on the following criteria:

  • Each candidate exemplifies this year’s theme.
  • Each candidate has an innovative or an unexpected execution of this year's theme.
  • Each candidate's approach is generalizable to other kinds of classes or disciplines.
  • Each candidate represents a different discipline.

Previously featured instructors may be considered for repeat inclusion if the instructional methods being highlighted are clearly not related to those that were previously featured. Those candidates who are not selected for the current year’s showcase can be considered for future showcases.

Featured instructors may be tenure track or non-tenure track/adjunct.

Select candidates will be contacted to verify they have the desire to participate and the time to contribute to the process. If interested, they will have the opportunity to provide a fuller picture of their innovation and include relevant syllabi.


The CIIA staff meets with the selected instructors to determine an approach for featuring the innovation via both video interview and written documentation, to arrange for class recordings, etc., and discuss connections to the institutional goals. The instructor is responsible for writing the "portfolio" and "goals" components of the Showcase, and contributing relevant supporting documents. In addition, a conversational video interview will be arranged to capture the bigger picture of the innovation.

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