New 2018-19 theme announced:
Open Educational Practices

Showcase Nomination Form now available!

This year's Showcase, themed “Open Educational Practices,” aims to highlight teaching approaches that create meaningful, engaging, and collaborative learning environments and encourage free and open access of knowledge and learning.

Please nominate a teaching colleague (or consider this yourself!) who might be willing to share how they utilize OER resources and Open Educational Practices designed to “respect and empower learners as co-producers on their lifelong learning paths” (Ehlers, 2011) in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Customizing instruction for relevancy while creating or using openly available learning content, possibly in place of a costly textbook
  • Collaborating with students to curate or create open resources, finding texts or articles, editing wikis, and/or creating infographics
  • Implementing individualized learning contracts
  • Empowering students to design their own assignments, policies, and/or rubrics
  • Having students contribute to audiences beyond the instructor via open-access web and social media tools
  • Embodying inclusion, equity, and justice by ensuring open access to educational content

See also: Teaching Handbook: OER

The Innovative Teaching Showcase is a publication created by the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment (CIIA) at Western Washington University as a way to highlight and share exceptional teaching practices by WWU faculty.

Each year the Western community nominates WWU instructors who exemplify the Showcase teaching strategy theme.

Showcases include:

  • video interviews
  • portfolio write-up of teaching approach accompanied by syllabi, assignments, examples, comments, and resources
  • alignment to institutional goals

The CIIA Advisory Board reviews nominees for inclusion in each year's Showcase. Selected instructors work with the CIIA to develop the resource through the end of spring term. The published work remains on the site permanently.

Since 1999, the Showcase has featured nearly 70 WWU instructors, and has evolved into a Creative Commons-licensed collection of teaching practices, catalogued in Western Libraries, and followed by a global audience.