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The following staff of the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment contributed to the design, graphic creation, video production, and coding involved in the Showcase:

  • Graphic designers: Michelle McDonald, Brookelyn Jones, Kal DeLong
  • Video footage and production: Max Beaulieu, Sophia Zhuk
  • Animated video introductions: Max Beaulieu/ Michelle McDonald
  • CSS and scripting: Brooke Nelson
  • Web and Content development: Emily Gaston, Solstice Black, & Justina Brown

Design Elements

  • Typeface: Fira Sans (text), Sunflower (decorative) and Poppins (headings) Fonts used via Google Fonts
  • Colors: Western Blues (#003f87, #007ac8, #0083d6), Burnt Orange #af4526, Dusty Peach #c38c6e, Dusty Pink #e2b6ab, Dark Red #901a1d, Mint Green #a7c1bb, Dark Green #136e56, Dark Blue #111a2a, Grey #808080, Almost Black (#202229).

Software Used

  • Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Visual Studio Code


Image Permissions

All of the graphical design elements for the Innovative Teaching Showcase are original creations generated via in-house photography and graphic design. Other images and photos are either created or captured in-house, provided by featured instructors, or obtained via Creative Commons licensed sources. Release forms have been obtained and retained for individuals appearing in videos or photographs. Photos obtained from stock image providers, if any, are used in accordance with their content license agreements. Any copyrighted material on the website is used with permission.