2018-2019 Innovative Teaching Showcase: Open Educational Practices

Kamarie Chapman portrait

Kamarie Chapman set aside the traditional text for her large Intro to Cinema class in favor of curated collections of articles and videos designed to represent a more diverse perspective of cinema, a more focused collection of materials, and a more inclusive set of "voices" in the field.

Theatre and Dance
Jessica Ferreras-Stone Portrait

Jessica Ferreras-Stone replaced the dated and expensive textbook in her Multicultural Education for Teachers class with free podcasts, thereby increasing engagement dramatically, inspiring challenging questions, deep understandings, and a process for applying knowledge.

Elementary Education
Mark Staton Portrait

Mark Staton aims to keep content current in his Digital Marketing class by gathering new free reading materials every quarter, and by making student "deliverables" valuable to them beyond the scope of the class via blog posts and certifications that get posted on public professional network sites.

Finance and Marketing