2017-2018 Innovative Teaching Showcase: Engaging Social Justice

Troy Abel portrait

Troy Abel (Environmental Studies) engages his students with environmental justice issues by examining “environmental policies overlooking pollution disparities and their socioeconomic drivers,” exploring the broader historical context of institutionalized environmental racism, and working directly with communities in the midst of these factors.

Environmental Studies
Deb Currier Portrait

Deb Currier (Theatre & Dance) “engages fearlessly with her students” in social justice theatre and pedagogy by building trust, listening intently, being willing to be vulnerable, and empowering students to work with youth in the community while exploring social justice through theatre, dance, and stories.

Theater & Dance
Ee Lin Lee Portrait

Ee Lin Lee (Communication Studies) seeks to create informed student citizens by exploring with them the privileges embedded in our society and systems such as higher education, helping “arm them with knowledge that criticizes oppression,” and encouraging them “to stand up and fight for social justice and equity.”

Communication Studies