Please explore this collection of selected works completed by the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment design and development team, which includes current and past student technology assistants. The video projects we have developed over the years fall into three distinct categories:

Online Video Modules | Workshops | Innovative Teaching Showcase Faculty Interviews

Online Video Modules

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  • Reverse Instruction: Engaging Students in Deep, Meaningful Learning
    Jeff Utecht, international educator, author, and consultant, facilitated this well-received workshop to Western Washington University faculty and staff in the fall of 2012. Jeff discusses the pedagogy behind reverse instruction (a.k.a., flip teaching), what it means for a new model of homework, and how class time is maximized to take advantage of students discovering content independently. During the session, Jeff carries out a "fishbowl" activity, keeping all participants engaged with a technological twist.
  • Voice Workshop
    Dr. Rich Brown, Western Washington University, provides techniques for lecturing without losing your voice
Innovative Teaching Showcase Faculty Interviews

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  • Participation in Participatory Action Research - Joyce Hammond
  • Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom - Tara Perry
  • Collaborating with Project Connect - Angie Harwood
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  • Active Learning - Matthew Roelofs
  • Discovery Learning - Thor Hansen
  • Election Project - Ken Hoover
  • Sociolinguistics Lecture - Shaw Gynan

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