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Peer Learning and Flip Teaching

Peer Learning| Flip or Reverse Teaching

   Peer Learning

Peer Teaching (learning) involves student learning from and with each other in ways which are mutually beneficial and involve sharing knowledge, experience and ideas between participants.

—David Boud, et al., Peer Learning in Higher Education:
Learning from and with Each Other
, 2001

   Flip or Reverse Teaching

A style of teaching/learning where content is presented outside of class through the use of prepared media such as podcasts, and class time is used for active engagement between teachers and learners, and between learners and learners. Using the term "flipped" presumes that the traditional (or former) model of in-class content delivery was lecture-based.

For information on recording podcasts or vodcasts, see our "Video and Audio" page. Also see:

To prepare content for Flip Learning, see the CIIA's "Video and Audio" resource.

Mentioned relevant books may be available through the CIIA's Lending Library or Wilson Library.