Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes


Viewing a School's Outcomes

On the main page, you will see three drop down menus labelled: College, Department, and Program. In the College menu, you will see a list of all the colleges at Western. When you select a college, then all the departments within that college will appear in the department menu. Also, content (a PDF or website) for the college will appear beneath the menus. When you select a department, all the programs within the department appear in the programs menu, and content for the department appears and replaces any content beneath the menus. Again, programs are the same, select one to see it's content beneath the menus. It is important to note that when trying to select a specific department, you must have the college it is under selected in the college menu, and when selecting a specific program, the department it is in must be selected in the department menu. There is also a Resource menu, which contains all the resources for any selected college, department, or program. There are two types of resources, PDFs and websites. Both are displayable on the page and can be viewed in a new tab. PDFs can be downloaded.

Blocked Content

Sometimes when loading a website for a college, department, or program, your browser might block the site as it is from a different source than this page. To view the content, you must tell your browser to allow the content.

For Chrome users: Click the shield on the right side of the URL/search bar, and click 'load insecure content'.

For FireFox users: Click the shield on the left side of the URL bar, click the arrow by 'Keep Blocking', and then click 'Disable Protection on this Page'.

For IE users: A pop-up saying 'Only secure content is displayed', on that pop-up bar, click the 'Show all content' button.

Trouble with Macs opening PDFs in Adobe Reader

If you are running a Mac and using Safari, and PDFs are downloaded and opened in Adobe Reader, then you computer is set to download PDFs only. To stop the PDFs from being downloaded, and to enable viewing PDFs in you browser, you will need to open the Terminal program. once Terminal is open, simply copy and paste the following line into terminal:

defaults write WebKitOmitPDFSupport - bool false

and just hit enter. If the problem persists, please visit Apple's website and download the latest version of Safari, as you may have an outdated version.


If you have any questions about the material of the site or any trouble, click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, or click on the Feedback link.