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The Innovative Teaching Showcase spotlights WWU instructors' best practices in pedagogy, instructional technologies, and expanded learning environments. This year's theme is "Critical Thinking." While only a few can be fully featured each year, clearly there are many educators doing this essential work. This year's Showcase will include a Profiles page to expand the view of their work at WWU. Please submit a short summary describing how your course/curriculum utilizes critical thinking, including but not limited to the following:

  • modeling respectful disagreement or debate from varying disciplinary viewpoints
  • providing a framework for students to reflect on multiple perspectives and to weigh decisions
  • equipping students to evaluate information sources, such as news, social media, data, research, texts, or scholarly articles
  • making space for students to take the academic risks necessary for developing critical thinking in assessment-oriented courses
  • employing methods to effectively assess critical thinking
  • fostering grit and perseverance in students to do the difficult work of thinking critically
  • promoting activities that take critical thinking beyond typical boundaries into abstract, creative, ethical, and independent thinking

For more information about the Showcase, see About or Showcase Index.

Please keep your submission between 100-200 words. You are welcome to include a URL/link to additional online materials. Alternatively, the CIIA will draft a summary, to be approved by you, based on your materials. Email attachments (or submissions) to:

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