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What you do matters. Review profile examples from last year.

The Innovative Teaching Showcase spotlights WWU instructors' best practices in pedagogy, instructional technologies, and expanded learning environments. This year's theme is "Open Educational Practices." While only a few can be fully featured each year, clearly there are many educators doing this innovative work. This year's Showcase will include a Profiles page to expand the coverage of this work at WWU.

Please submit a short summary describing how your course/curriculum utilizes open educational practices, including but not limited to the following:

  • Customizing instruction for relevancy while creating or using openly available learning content, possibly in place of a costly textbook
  • Collaborating with students to curate or create open resources, finding texts or articles, editing wikis, and/or creating infographics
  • Implementing individualized learning contracts
  • Empowering students to design their own assignments, policies, and/or rubrics
  • Having students contribute to audiences beyond the instructor via open-access web and social media tools
  • Embodying inclusion, equity, and justice by ensuring open access to educational content

Still not sure what this is about? Check out the Educause "7 Things You Should Know About Open Education: Practices and the United Nations OER info page." For more information about the Showcase, see About or Showcase Index.

Please keep your submission between 100-200 words. You are welcome to include a URL/link to additional online materials. Alternatively, the CIIA will draft a summary, to be approved by you, based on your materials. Email attachments (or submissions) to:

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