FIG #7: Making Change Happen

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Cluster Description:
Are you interested in creating a better world? Curious about how you can create the change you want to see in the world? Take this course to explore how change happens in the natural & human world and how change makers from around the world are effectively responding to some of the greatest challenges we face today.


Anthropology 201
Paul James
10:00-11:20 am
Geology 101
with Lab
Doug Clark
9:00-9:50 am
10:00-11:50 am
Seminar 101
Molly Ware
1:00-2:50 pm

Total Credits:


Course Descriptions for Making Change Happen

  • Anthropology 201, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, (Paul James) 5cr, SSC, CRN: 43147
    Introduction to the concepts, methods and practical application of cultural anthropology. The focus is on explanations for social and cultural variation around the world and over time and the significance of holistic and comparative understanding.
  • Geology 101 with Lab, Introduction to Geology, (Doug Clark) 4cr, LSCI, CRN: 41099
    Major ideas of modern geoscience; the study of rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, geologic time, the hydrologic cycle; processes that have produced the Earth and its landforms. Some lecture sections will be focused on specific topics within the geological sciences, such as planetary geology, climate and climate change, or National Parks. Includes lab. Prospective geology majors, students who had high school geology, and those planning to take GEOL 212 should take GEOL 211 in lieu of GEOL 101.
  • Seminar 101, Seminar for First-Year Students, (Molly Ware) 2cr, CRN: 43148
    An introductory seminar offering an exploration of academic content and essential questions within the liberal arts and sciences tradition. Includes embedded instruction in academic skills and use of campus resources pertinent to exploration of the FIG cluster theme. Concludes in a formal paper or academic presentation. In this course we will actively explore practical and powerful tools and concepts needed for effective and empowering changemaking.

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