FIG #30: Web Design and Internet Literacy

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Cluster Description:
Explore the range of degree emphases and careers available to web designers through introductions to design, visual culture and study of the internet.


Art History 271
Julia Sapin
11:30-12:50 pm
Computer Science 102
with Lab
Justice Banson
10:00-10:50 am
10:00-11:50 am
Design 211
Pablo Airth
8:30-9:50 am
Seminar 101
Michael Bell
2:00-2:50 pm

Total Credits:


Course Descriptions for Web Design and Internet Literacy

  • Art History 271, Visual Culture in East Asia, (Julia Sapin) 3cr, ACGM, CRN: 42021
    Issues and topics in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese visual culture, from ancient to contemporary.
  • Computer Science 102 with Lab, Computer-Mediated Communications, (Justice Banson) 3cr, BCOM, CRN: 40392
    Internet skills, with an emphasis on the Internet as a medium of political and business communication, research, cultural exchange and worldwide collaboration. Basic principles of effective Web site organization and design. Lab.
  • Design 211, Foundations of Visual Communication, (Pablo Airth) 3cr, HUM, CRN: 44073
    Introduction to design thinking and how design practice affects everyday life in a diversity of cultures (graphic, industrial, architectural). Course will be a mixture of lectures with guest speakers as well as exams and assignments. Lecture format.
  • Seminar 101, Seminar for First-Year Students, (Michael Bell) 2cr, CRN: 42086
    An introductory seminar offering an exploration of academic content and essential questions within the liberal arts and sciences tradition. Includes embedded instruction in academic skills and use of campus resources pertinent to exploration of the FIG cluster theme. Concludes in a formal paper or academic presentation.

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