FIG #22: Outdoor Leadership

Registration for this FIG is limited to WOOT! participants.

Cluster Description:
Are you participating in WOOT and hoping to continue your development and explore more opportunities in outdoor leadership? If so, consider our Outdoor Leadership FIG. Students in this FIG meet GUR requirements in science and communication while studying outdoor leadership.


English 101
Gabe Carter
10:00-11:20 am
Environmental Science 101
John Rybczyk
10:00-11:20 am
Seminar 101
Lindsay Poynter
9:00-9:50 am

Total Credits:


Course Descriptions for Outdoor Leadership

  • English 101, Writing Your Way Through WWU, (Gabe Carter) 5cr, ACOM, CRN: 40057
    A writing course designed to prepare students for college-level creative, critical, and reflective writing. Because writing looks and works differently in different contexts, this course teaches the rhetorical competencies that students need to write across multiple disciplines. The course introduces students both to the processes of building and analyzing ideas, and to ways of communicating those ideas in context-specific genres for targeted audiences. This course has the immediate goal of preparing students to succeed in their writing at Western, but it will also serve them personally and professionally.
  • Environmental Science 101, Environmental Studies: A Scientific Approach, (John Rybczyk) 3cr, SCI, CRN: 44132
    An introduction to environmental studies which stresses a scientific approach toward understanding the nature and scope of contemporary problems in man’s environment. The course reflects application of physical, chemical, biological and geologic principles to define ecological change, both natural and man-made.
  • Seminar 101, Seminar for First-Year Students, (Lindsay Poynter) 2cr, CRN: 41717
    An introductory seminar offering an exploration of academic content and essential questions within the liberal arts and sciences tradition. Includes embedded instruction in academic skills and use of campus resources pertinent to exploration of the FIG cluster theme. Concludes in a formal paper or academic presentation.

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