FIG #51: Exploring Health and Human Development

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Cluster Description:
Students in this FIG complete a GUR requirement and major prerequisites while exploring the range of degree emphases and allied health careers available to students who major in Recreation, Kinesiology, Physical Education Pedagogy, or Community Health.


Health Education 210
Senna Towner
10:00-11:50 am
Recreation 201
Melissa D'eloia
2:00-2:50 pm
Seminar 101
Lindsay Poynter
9:00-9:50 am

Total Credits:


Course Descriptions for Exploring Health and Human Development

  • Health Education 210, Introduction to Public Health, (Senna Towner) 4cr, SSC, CRN: 44076
    A survey of public health principles, history, philosophy, services, ethics, tools, systems, interventions, and applications to current events.
  • Recreation 201, Foundations of Recreation and Leisure, (Melissa D'eloia) 4cr, CRN: 44077
    Professional course dealing with the history, philosophy, present status, future goals, and challenges of leisure and the recreation service professions.
  • Seminar 101, Seminar for First-Year Students, (Lindsay Poynter) 2cr, CRN: 42938
    An introductory seminar offering an exploration of academic content and essential questions within the liberal arts and sciences tradition. Includes embedded instruction in academic skills and use of campus resources pertinent to exploration of the FIG cluster theme. Concludes in a formal paper or academic presentation.

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