This page is designed to provide you with an easy way to find information about the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment's (CIIA) website. You can search for a topic using the Search tool to look for web pages that are in the following key areas:

  • Events - CIIA-sponsored events and workshops
  • Resources - online teaching and learning resources and tools
    • Lending Library - collection of written materials to support teaching and learning, all of which are available for perusal in the CIIA's small on-site library or available for check-out
  • Showcase - the Innovative Teaching Showcase features exceptional teaching practices by Western Washington University faculty

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at

Website Organization

The CIIA's website is divided into four general categories; each of these categories is accessible via the top navigation bar (and also via the text-based links at the bottom of each page).

  • The CIIA's home page contains links to contact information, the services provided by the CIIA to the campus community, and the mission and history of the CIIA.
  • The Workshops & Events section contains information about workshops, seminars, and speakers with links to relevant supporting materials for each event.
  • The Teaching & Learning Resources section provides online information about teaching and learning issues, methodologies, and programs at WWU.
  • The Innovative Teaching Showcase section spotlights WWU's best practices in pedagogy, instructional technologies, and expanded learning environments. A new showcase edition is published every spring, and archives of past showcases can also be viewed from the Showcase page.


Note that links on CIIA web pages to pages that are external to the website will launch a new browser window. An exception to this rule are links to Western's home page and affiliate pages such as the WWU Index page.

Drop Down Menus

The main navigation for the CIIA web site utilizes a drop down menu that relies on javascript. This allows the user to directly navigate to nearly every page within the website with a single click. This menu is powered by UDM which includes extensive support for accessibility. Currently, we are aware that this tool shifts the layout of our web pages in Google Chrome and Safari (Mac), but beta versions of these programs show promise of alleviating the issue.

Accordion Menus

Second level navigation in the Showcase and Resources area utilizes accordion-style menus. When the main headings in the left-hand navigational area (on Showcase or Resources pages) are clicked, additional choices appear below each heading. This allows the user to explore the resources available before deciding upon which area to navigate.

If you have any concerns in navigating our website, please e-mail us at

Searching for Information

Each page of the CIIA's website has a search field in the upper right hand corner. This field allows you to perform a simple search for information on the CIIA's website. If you are interested in performing an advanced search for information, click on the Search CIIA text link on the bottom of any page. The advanced search feature allows you to sort by relevance or date, and contains information about performing specialized searches. If you are seeking information that may be found on another part of WWU's web, use the WWU Search tool.