Using Rubrics to Promote High-Level Student Outcomes

Time: 7/26/2006 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: Viking Union 567

This two-hour, interactive workshop will give participants the tools to translate their instructional objectives for a course into clear and concise rubrics for assignments.

A strongly articulated rubric creates an optimal grading guideline that allows the professor to illuminate the salient elements of performance required of students to earn a specific grade, as well as reflect professional standards and competencies. A well-designed rubric communicates to students your intended learning outcomes for a specific assignment, and gives them the framework to achieve deep and meaningful learning.

What to Bring: Participants should bring an assignment they would like to grade using a rubric and the syllabus that is connected to that assignment. They may bring more than one assignment, so they can decide at the workshop which they want to concentrate on for the 2 hours.

How to sign up: This special summer workshop is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Education, with support from the Center for Instructional Innovation. Best of all, it’s FREE, but you do need to sign up! You can do this right now by clicking the "Workshop Registration" link below.

For more information please contact: Karen Casto